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Upcoming Events

Conservation Education

We offer a variety of on-site and outreach programs for groups of all ages.  Meet our wild animal ambassadors, explore nature and learn how to coexist with native mammals, reptiles and birds! Learn more..

Wildlife Hospital

Feeding-Eastern-Cottontail-RabbitOur free wildlife hospital admits nearly 5,000 animals, annually!  We provide medical treatment to injured, ill or orphaned wildlife with the goal of returning a healthy individual back to the wild! Learn More..

SCRAM! Wildlife Control

Millie, Virginia-OpossumSCRAM! Wildlife Control is a service of Ohio Wildlife Center providing central Ohio with 100% NON-LETHAL solutions to human-wildlife conflicts in the home or business, naturally!  Learn more..


Ohio Wildlife Center is dedicated to fostering awareness and appreciation of Ohio’s native wildlife through rehabilitation, education and wildlife health studies.


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